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Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by MrDienns, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. MrDienns

    MrDienns Owner, Lead Developer & Backend Manager Owner Manager Developer

    Dear community,

    Due to some drawbacks in content development (which is causing delays), we have decided that (if time allows it), we will start developing the dungeon & boss room plugin and have it available for testing at the very first launch, which was originally out of scope. We'd like to hear from you as community what you'd love to see in our bosses in terms of attacks, behavior, exp & loot drops, and so on.

    But first, a little background information:
    We want you to be in a dungeon alone, or with your party & guild members. This means other players (who are not in your party or guild) will not be able to interfere with your dungeon adventure. We tend to bring the real MMORPG experience into Minecraft, and this is one of the things our technical expertise allows us to do.

    What we'd like to hear your voice on is more about the bosses. How they should behave, what kind of attacks a boss should have compared to regular monsters, how hard a boss should be to fight (with some example stats), etc. Our team can take Minecraft to its absolute limits, so don't be afraid to ask what is possible and not and don't be afraid to suggest us the craziest things.

    Thank you!
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  2. Droei

    Droei Trial Moderator

    I woul love bosses to be very strong I want challenge ooh... I'll be making the bosses I think :eek:
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  3. DrZooDy


    Making the bosses very hard and challenging to kill isn't a good decision, since most of the Minecraft players are pretty much average or "noobs" when it comes to handling the combat mechanics.

    I'd suggest to make two difficulties, one is hardcore mode and the other on normal.
    Obviously, the hardcore mode will be more rewarding.
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  4. Moldavite_


    Bosses should be challenging, like what Droei said. But i hope the bosses are not PUNISHING. Just challenging. They can have unique movesets, which challenge the player. And for the loot and the xp, they can be creative in a way, like for example, if your fighting a giant queen bee, and defeat it, the bees guarding the loot room will die (or flee? idk how bees work xD) and the loot room is opened up, which contains unique items revelant to that boss. For the queen bee boss i made up, it can have like a bee queen crown that allows you to control bees or just stacks of honey bottles that fill up alot of HP.
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  5. Perotin

    Perotin Duke

    Bosses have to be relative to how many people are fighting them, anything else will make the game unplayable to some people making them leave.

    Would these dungeons be like side quests or the main objective? If they are side quests, then they can really be anything. If they are the main objective, then they should relate to the plot/storyline of the quest, which is dependant per quest. But in general, a good "boss" fight encompasses everything you fought previously to get there, so if it had all the abilities of the previous monsters you fought + some, that'd be good.
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  6. Euvrounin

    Euvrounin Content team, Moderator Content team Moderator

    Bosses .. hmm

    It shouldn't be something that can be easily killed. Since it can be played by party/guild team
    I suggest having a complex boss mechanics that would engage players to form parties that would consist of all the CLASSES dyescape offers like a real mmorpg parties.

    Imagine an enderdragon with 1,000,000 health and can only be attacked on its tail
    it also has a weakness that once its health goes below 50,000 .. it should be killed in 5 seconds or else its Health will regenerate to 100,000

    with this mechanic, the party or team shalt have a team consist of:
    a Knight (preferably for aggro, it is has that kind of skill) to lure the enderdragon
    a Cleric (for healing and other blessings)
    a Mage for Burst damage
    a Warrior for constant DPS (damage per second)

    so the strategy would be for the knight to lure the enderdragon while others are damaging its tail, then once its health goes below 50,000 .. the Mage and Warrior can now boost and throw all their damages with the blessings from the Cleric (of course the Mage and Warrior must make sure that all their skills are available and mana has regenerated well).

    This kind of mechanics would not only form parties with all dyescape classes but also engage players to kill a boss in a strategical way.
    This would also help Dyescape manage the kind of classes the players would take. We dont want the server to be filled with 95% warriors and 1% mage, right? or a Cleric party on a boss with huge hp

    Of course, all classes should have their damage skills
    We should also consider that even though we have that kind of mechanics, all classes should still be able to survive on their own. No limitations and discriminations that Clerics is only for healing, etc.. etc..
    This is just my idea, ya'll free to add,suggest or complain
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  7. MrDienns

    MrDienns Owner, Lead Developer & Backend Manager Owner Manager Developer

    The entire suggestion makes sense to me and sounds really cool, so I won't really go into that too much. I can guarantee you that every class will be able to survive on its own (solo), even Cleric. It would be unbalanced if Cleric wouldn't be able to solo at all. Of course we can't change the fact that a Cleric is heal & buff focused, but we will surely put enough time and afford into also giving Cleric damage output, hopefully this won't be too unbalanced during pre-alpha.
  8. Euvrounin

    Euvrounin Content team, Moderator Content team Moderator

    We wont have any problems then ...
    and we still have lots of time to do the balancing. You can do daily updates or weekly updates during alpha.
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  9. Droei

    Droei Trial Moderator

    that panda of you kept me of work for 30 min xD
  10. KabbyDankGod


    Probably already thought out but for world bosses please make them scale with the amount of players. If you can easily beat the boss with a large group they become very easy to farm. World bosses should also need a lot of cordination and need complex-ish mechanics (Not all of them of course). For a good example in GW2 there is a world boss called great jungle wurm. You have to deafeat the three heads off the boss at roughly the same time or the boss will regen. The heads are scattered far away from each other so people from other groups cant help your group. Before being able to damage each head you have to complete a fairly easy but cordination requiring task, be it carry and lay bombs, weaken their armor, create an antitoxin etc. Due to the cooperation needed with everyone involved there are guilds whose soul purpose is to help people run the world boss.

    Tl;dr: Make world bosses scale with player count and make world bosses require cordination and mechanics completion

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