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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by TheJayZ, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Undvik


    Lol wut, whats the problem with my name
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  2. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    Nothing! It's comedy gold.
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  3. TheJayZ

    TheJayZ Duke

    Wow, 700+ views
  4. Aekalix

    Aekalix Frontend & Content Manager Manager

    There is a lot more traffic than people realise. :p
  5. Sam

    Sam Baron

    The Legacy is the best power guild out there. No one will out-beat is in anything.
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  6. MiNamaJif


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  7. Raven


    If youre still recruiting:

    IGN: Ravenstone1
    Age: 20 (21 by the time the darn server releases...)
    Minimum time spent per week: 3-48 hours
    Maximum time spent per week: 200 hours
    Discord username & discriminator: ...|Raven|...#2475
    What is your class? not sure
    Stats & skill tree for your class? nope
    When did you first join Dyescape? ive been in teh discord for about.... 3 months or so
    Timezone: EST
    Rank in game: idk i dont have access yet?
    Average ping to the server: if its american 20-90, european 90-148
    What makes you qualified for being in our guild? I can spend ridiculous hours researching and grinding
    What will you focus on if you enter our guild? Exploring and learning lore and phucking sum beaches up. <3

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