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Hello everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that we are opening our pre-alpha on the 16th of February, 2018. The exact time is yet to be announced. Also a reminder that the pre-alpha is closed access only to those who have signed up and have been approved. Please create your own pre-alpha access request here.

What is it for:
We would also like to mention what the pre-alpha is, what it is for and what to expect from it. Dyescape is an enormous project, and development has lasted almost 2 years for some of us. This pre-alpha is to prepare for further development and continuation of the project. In the pre-alpha we want to show off some of our early must-have features and we need to test those for bugs and stability. It is also a time where we would request feedback from the community so we can actively adapt to it early on.

This also means that you sign up for the alpha with the intention of helping us out improving the project. If we come to the conclusion that the exact opposite is happening, for example you're abusing bugs, cheating or simply abuse the system and create a bad experience for other players, we will remove your alpha access on the spot and chances of you being part of future early access test phases will be close to zero.

What to expect:
Dyescape is long from done with development, you should not expect to see a fully released server with months of content like other real MMORPG's. The pre-alpha which opens soon is a minimum viable product as we call it. Play area will be limited to roughly a 1500x1500 area (instead of the 9000x6000 developed alpha/beta area). You should expect some basic gameplay mechanics such as the skill system, basic custom items, custom monsters, semi-bosses (no real boss rooms yet), semi dungeons (like caves), a couple dozen simple quests and a big to-do list. The idea is that we release something new on a standard interval, such as 2 or 4 weeks. Every 2 or 4 weeks you would see some new items, quests, monsters, skills and a new play area.

What can I do to help:
Dyescape is the largest MMORPG server ever made by a relatively small team of developers. We could use any help offered to us. This can be either of the following things: Front-end (building / map making), content (quests, items, monsters, gameplay elements, etc) and back-end (software development). If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please contact the respective people below. Note that software development requires you to sign some legal documents & show proof of identification and be at least 18 years old.
If you are not interested (or simply cannot) help us by providing any services, you can always help out by just participating in the pre-alpha and give us your critical feedback. If you like or dislike a feature, let us know. If you find any bugs, report them. If you have any suggestions, share them with the community so they can be added.

~ Dyescape
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