Giveaway responses, Game night and more content


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G'day everyone!

Giveaway responses
I'll jump right in with some statistics about the giveaway.
...We had exactly 100 entries spread out over all 7 questions.

Community response summarized for every question:

Question 1: "What do you hope to get out of Dyescape"?
This one basically boiled down to a new and unique MMORPG which they can play on with friends and the community.

Question 2: "What are you most excited for out of all of Dyescape?"
This one went all over the place. So a few top mentions are: See Dyescape grow/develop, Community interaction, map/content/atmosphere.

Question 3: "What class are you planning on playing? (Knight, Warrior, Mage, Priest)"
A: Warrior: 22.2%
Knight: 11.1%
Priest: 16.7%
Mage: 50%

Question 4: "What feature of any other game do you like the most?"
Again! A lot of varying responses but the one that shone the brightest was overall character progression and customization. Closely followed by a party system for dungeons and alike.


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Question 5: "What feature of any other game do you like the least?"
Great insights on some of the least respected features of other games. Keywords: Pay2Win, 'Bad' (PvP) combat and my favourite... Hand holding!

Question 6: "What rank perk would you love to see?"
This one was easy! Any kind of way to stand out either through cosmetics and different customization options or morphing yourself into a mob! Luckily, we could probably do most of this. Thus keep an eye out for updates regarding this!

Question 7: "What could we be doing better?"
This one was easily the most important to us and we definitely got some great feedback! It was an easy one for everyone. More content. More videos, more sneak-peeks more devLogs. You are right. We should post more and I'll definitely try to post more soon. I promise!

Game night
We introduced Game night! An idea from @StaffHunter was brought to life. We recently hosted an Among Us Game night (quite successful if I may say) and we are looking to host more! Game suggestions are welcome and anyone interested can tag me in the discord ( and receive the @GameNight tag! Then you'll be kept up to date on all the ins and outs! Come join us next time. It's good fun!

More content
Post more content has been a common topic throughout some Discord conversations and in the responses of the community on our giveaway. I have set up twitch (properly now) and I will try to finally try to get this one rolling and going:
While I cannot promise to stream weekly, I will try to stream now and then. Possibly basic Dyescape Quest implementation or release more sneak-peeks, video content, and anything else you all suggest. Please bear with me because this can be quite time-consuming. I recently 'leaked' some weapon models in the chat. Search well and you will find them!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, contact me any time on Discord or in my DMs!

Cheers to more development!


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Thanks everyone for the responses! It really helps us out.

Looking forward to the next game night.