Alpha Teaser, Class Descriptions, and Percentages.


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Alpha Release Date
The ancient old question; when will Dyescape release? The wait is soon over. Please read the post below and sit tight for just a little longer!


The entrance of Clemens, located on Phala.

Alpha Teaser

While some still cannot believe it, we are actually launching! On the 17th of July, we are releasing an alpha teaser. Note that there are only limited alpha slots available. Sign up before it's too late.

If you're looking for the alpha applications (takes 2 min) click here!
And after this Alpha Teaser, we will be hosting a QnA among other things in the discord! Questions for the QnA can be submitted in the discord. The full schedule of Saturday the 17th of July is:

  • 21:00 - Alpha Teaser
  • 21:05 - QnA with yours truly, Dennis & Aeky.
  • 22:00 - Class vote
  • 22:05 - Skill showcase of the most voted class and general gameplay showcase
  • 15:00 - Alpha Teaser
  • 15:05 - QnA with yours truly, Dennis & Aeky.
  • 16:00 - Class vote
  • 16:05 - Skill showcase of the most voted class and general gameplay showcase.
Sunday 18th of July
  • 05:00 - Alpha Teaser
  • 05:05 - QnA with yours truly, Dennis & Aeky.
  • 06:00 - Class vote
  • 06:05 - Skill showcase of the most voted class and general gameplay showcase.

Class Descriptions
We have revealed some new imagery in regards to classes! These images and descriptions can be found on the wiki thanks to some community members! If you want to always stay up to date on any development progress or sneak-peeks join the discord!


Gif of the Warrior class.

Progress Percentage
We have introduced progress percentages a few months back. This percentage shows the ratio of open tickets vs closed tickets. These tickets are not weighted, which means that the percentage could quickly go up or stay stagnant for days on end. Even worse, it can go down if we find new issues. The current percentages are:
  • Content = 77%
  • Development = 93%
Release Date Contest
Lastly, there is a small contest going on. Predict the release date! If you have the closest guess to the actual release date, you will receive the Noble rank! Fill in your guess in the discord!

We hope to see everyone on the 17th of July! Thanks, everyone for years of support!

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