A Roadside Tavern - Guild Introduction



A Roadside Tavern

Inspired by a story of my own, A Roadside Tavern is to be a small guild on Dyescape, intended for wandering adventurers who are looking for a place to have a friendly chat, interact with other adventurers, and perhaps, to have a drink and relax. Our guild hopes to provide players a fun and friendly environment on Dyescape, assisting veterans and new players in the game, and further deepen the bonding of the Dyescape community.​

A Roadside Tavern also serves as a place for players who are looking for a guild, but due to circumstances are unable to join the guild they wanted to be a part of. The player is allowed to stay in the tavern until they have found their place somewhere else. As such, people come and go; therefore, the guild is not officially recognized as a competitive guild by any means, but as a general/chill guild


Questions and Answers

Q: Wait, what do you have to offer?
A: We hope to provide a friendly environment for our guild members and players to chat and play the game. A tavern is a place where adventurers can relax after a hard day’s work, so we’d like to provide the same experience.

Q: How small will be the guild?
A: Due to guild not being available in Alpha, exact numbers are unknown. But do expect it to be fairly small.

Q: Can I grind in this guild, or even join a party of other guilds?
A: Of course!



Due to unforeseen circumstances of Dyescape’s Alpha release, requirements are not currently set. If one is interested in this humble tavern, please send one’s inquires to @Nepie#0003 on Discord.​