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We had a hard time developing something pretty important. We've been developing this for the past 2 months, and it's not even fully finished yet, but the main functionality of something we really needed has finally been developed. Our server is still a secret, so nope, can't share what we developed. I can imagine people getting sick of me saying it's secret all the time. What's the point in posting news every month while keeping it a secret what we do exactly? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe I just feel like expressing myself. Anyhow! Slight milestone reached again, yay. Dyescape currently holds like, what, 8,000 lines of code I wrote, and another 35,000 lines of code I gathered from open-source projects and customized. This month's news is pretty much we same as always, we make progress, slowly but steady. We also added a new staff member to our team, but I can't exactly tell his position since that would break our secret code, so you won't meet him before we go beta, or atleast make our idea public.


If you check out our staff page, you notice that someone's missing. Someone who's been around since the very beginning of Dyescape. He's one of the guys it all started with. Years back, we made a server called Flint-Network, later renamed to Dyescape. We started this server with a total of 5 people, including me. As of today, none of those people remained. They either got fired, or they quit. Mainly all of them lost interest in either us or the game, and this time it was no exception. The rest of the crew all had the same thought as me; someone had a position that he shouldn't have, simply because he can't fulfill the work expected from him. He also agreed that he's not able to do the work we ask him to do. The reason he was able to stay this long is most likely because he's a great friend of mine, and I was affraid firing him would be bad for our friendship. Since we are seriously planning on becoming one of the better Minecraft server, we can't have people with important positions not doing their job because they're a friend. He got fired because of business reasons. Luckily it doesn't seem to affect our friendship, which is what I'm really happy about. Take care Rick (Reakks), I'm glad I started the previous Dyescape with you.

~ Dyescape


MrDienns OWNER posted Oct 3, 16

Recently, we became alot more active on Facebook. We reguarly post some of our building progress online for people to see. We don't share anything regarding features or gameplay, just graphics. If you feel like you can't live on not knowing what we do all day, then make sure to like us and follow the stuff we post from time to time. We try to make the things we post a little interesting, so don't worry, we don't post crap. Click here for our Facebook page.

~ Dyescape

Milestone reached!

MrDienns OWNER posted Sep 20, 16


I  usually don't talk about actual development progress in detail, and it's only been a few days since I updated everyone with a monthly update blog, but as of 7 seconds ago, we reached a little milestone regarding development. Me as the only programmer on Dyescape, just reached a point in which I can safely say we're solidly getting there slowly. The milestone I'm talking about is that Dyescape has just passed 6,000 lines of code I wrote. All working code. We reached 5,000 about a two weeks ago, but I didn't actually check if that milestone was reached, so I changed it to 6,000 lines. Congrats to Dyescape, yay! I'd say I have about 50,000 lines to go for a minimal functionality. The complete product will probably have over 80,000 lines, and I'll happily write all of them by hand.

Thanks, Dyescapers & the crew

~ Dyescape

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MrDienns OWNER posted Sep 17, 16


Here we are again with another news message. I am slowly losing inspiration about what I should write every month, since it's pretty simple. We're making progres. Slow, but steady. I'm still programming, and our builder is still building, simple as that. It's pretty fun for me, developing this huge server. It's some good experience in programming for me, since I had to reinvent the wheel a few times, as we programmers call it. I got to make some functionalities I never thought I'd make before. I'm also really sketchy on how generic our server's code is going to be. I want everything to be flexibal, and configurable. There's no point in hard-coding a functionality and not being able to change it with a running server, that's just bad. But those details aside, I'm working on the most complex plugin at the moment. After this one's done, stuff should become more interesting. I've already built like a quarter of the database, I've wrote thousands of lines of code so far, and we've built some beautifull looking land so far. I have faith in this project, and so does our team. We think, we plan, we develop. Simple.


Hah, you thought I was talking about upcoming Dyescape events, didn't you? Well, too bad, that's not the case sadly. These events regard me. I am after next week starting with my exams. These are your typical exams, since they are practical, and for the most part not theoretical. That means I don't really have to learn stuff. Ofcourse I'm preparing myself, but for the most part it's just writing documents, having meetings with "customers", which are roleplaying teachers, develop a piece of software and done. After that I have a traineeship at some company, and after that is done, I'm graduated. Atleast that's the idea, but I'm not worried about that not happening. So I'll be a diplomated software developer in multiple languages and platforms. Also our admin MrBlues_ (Willem), and MrJackDaniels (Matej) started doing some education in software development too. Maybe they'll be able to help out with Dyescape at some point.


Not too important, but I thought I'll write something about it anyway. A few weeks back I did some calculations about how expensive the future Dyescape would be once we go live, and that's the only part that doesn't make me happy. I'm keeping it cheap for a beta, which means no serious functionalities that should be present on a server that runs houndreds of players. Players shouldn't notice a difference though, so don't be worried about that. Not also is our future server going to be expensive, but also developing isn't free, as you may think. We have servers running for development. Minecraft servers, servers for maintaining code, email servers, a website and so on. Since I don't have a job because I'm at school, a small donation from time to time would be nice. It helps us out even if we're still developing Dyescape. If you wish to help out, please refer to for further information. Thank you.

Keep 'er going

~ Dyescape

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Monthly routine

MrDienns OWNER posted Aug 19, 16


Right now, we're programming most of the time. Our builder is working hard whenever he has the time to do so, and in the meantime, we take things easy and make sure we properly develop the server that we're gonna be working on for a long time. Things are, as I always say, going acording to plan. It's alot of work, I think I may have even underestimated the amount of work that goes into this. I thought we'd be done by Fall 2016, but we're not gonna be. So this is an official announcement; Dyescape will not be fully finished in Fall 2016. We are still aiming to get some sort of sneak preview/beta up this year. I'll also explain why we're still keeping it a secret of what we're doing at the moment in the next paragraph.


You've probably heard of No Man's Sky, if not, you've been living under a rock or you don't care that much about upcoming games. Anyhow, the thing is, I talked to a few people that I know personally and who I trust, and I can therefore tell them what we're doing. Every single person I talk to about upcoming Dyescape, becomes hyped. Remember that hype train for stuff like No Man's Sky, Star Wars Battlefront III, Planet Coaster and so on? That's what we're expecting, or, at least I am. Every single person I talked to about Dyescape, thinks what we're doing is an amazing idea and agrees that it hasn't been done properly before. Even people who don't play Minecraft like what we're doing, that pretty much indicates that the idea that we have is the real deal, and we must be extremely carefull with sharing it to other people, because if our idea falls into a server with alot more builders, coders and a management team, they'd steal our idea and have it running in no time compared to us. Then again, it's not like the new Dyescape can be summed up in 1 sentence properly, but still, we want to be carefull. Better be the competition than to fight it.

There's one thing I can assure you however, and I'm pretty sure I talk about my entire crew here too; We're happy now. We're making a huge project and every single person in my crew sticks with me. Normally people wouldn't have such patience, but my crew seems to have that. Even though there's only 2 people really working on Dyescape at the moment (me and a builder), they still stick around and come up with idea's from time to time. When the beta or anything like that comes, we're expanding our team, because right now I have every single position you can think of. I am product owner, customer, project lead, developer, head of security, leader of admins, database administrator, hosting provider and so on. I'm not saying I don't like it though.

We're sorry for the delay, but trust us, it's worth it. Just trust us.

~ Dyescape

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