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posted Fri at 20:50


Right now, we're programming most of the time. Our builder is working hard whenever he has the time to do so, and in the meantime, we take things easy and make sure we properly develop the server that we're gonna be working on for a long time. Things are, as I always say, going acording to plan. It's alot of work, I think I may have even underestimated the amount of work that goes into this. I thought we'd be done by Fall 2016, but we're not gonna be. So this is an official announcement; Dyescape will not be fully finished in Fall 2016. We are still aiming to get some sort of sneak preview/beta up this year. I'll also explain why we're still keeping it a secret of what we're doing at the moment in the next paragraph.


You've probably heard of No Man's Sky, if not, you've been living under a rock or you don't care that much about upcoming games. Anyhow, the thing is, I talked to a few people that I know personally and who I trust, and I can therefore tell them what we're doing. Every single person I talk to about upcoming Dyescape, becomes hyped. Remember that hype train for stuff like No Man's Sky, Star Wars Battlefront III, Planet Coaster and so on? That's what we're expecting, or, at least I am. Every single person I talked to about Dyescape, thinks what we're doing is an amazing idea and agrees that it hasn't been done properly before. Even people who don't play Minecraft like what we're doing, that pretty much indicates that the idea that we have is the real deal, and we must be extremely carefull with sharing it to other people, because if our idea falls into a server with alot more builders, coders and a management team, they'd steal our idea and have it running in no time compared to us. Then again, it's not like the new Dyescape can be summed up in 1 sentence properly, but still, we want to be carefull. Better be the competition than to fight it.

There's one thing I can assure you however, and I'm pretty sure I talk about my entire crew here too; We're happy now. We're making a huge project and every single person in my crew sticks with me. Normally people wouldn't have such patience, but my crew seems to have that. Even though there's only 2 people really working on Dyescape at the moment (me and a builder), they still stick around and come up with idea's from time to time. When the beta or anything like that comes, we're expanding our team, because right now I have every single position you can think of. I am product owner, customer, project lead, developer, head of security, leader of admins, database administrator, hosting provider and so on. I'm not saying I don't like it though.

We're sorry for the delay, but trust us, it's worth it. Just trust us.

~ Dyescape

GrammMe LEGEND O hope so Dienns. Nothing is really living up to Dyescape right now and I enjoy multiplayer. I'm just getting bored...


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MrDienns @ Towny
posted Jul 18, 16


In software development, there's a certain method of working, which is called scrum. I don't fully work using this method, but there's a part about it that I do use, which are sprints. A sprint period, is where you simply do your coding, map making, server setup and so on straight for a certain period of time. If you're not doing sprints, then you're doing planning, brainstorming, writing down idea's and so on. Some time ago we, actually just me, started doing a sprint, which means that I'm now just doing development for me and a partner server only. Still, there is no release date planned and we cannot share any information on what we're doing, so please bear with us till the end of development and the beginning of something great, or hear from us again in a different universe and become interested in us again.

There's not much else to tell. We're developing, yeah. I know you guys, and I know that every single reader of this post has an opinion, which follows "How can this take so long? Hurry up, it's just a little server". Wrong. I'm telling every reader agian; you cannot possibly imagine the huge network that we're building. To give you some indication of how much work our server takes to build, consider the following; I would be able to make an almost perfect copy of Mineplex in a shorter amount of time than it would take to develop this server. I hope that kindoff gives you an indication of how big this project is, and how much we're going for it. All I can say is, that I'm sorry, and you'll have to wait some more time for us to be public again.

Moushiwake arimasen deshita,

~ Dyescape

Undeadpool25 Take your time we know you and your team are giving it your all
BoemUrDead LEGEND NP bro just keep up the good work. We all believe in you guys.
GrammMe LEGEND I know you're working hard as is the team but, there is no server like Dyescape. I cry when I see it on my multipla...

Monthly news again

MrDienns OWNER
MrDienns @ Towny
posted Jun 18, 16


I still feel sad about not being able to tell anyone what we're doing, but, I don't want people to forget about us. We are not dead, we have not fallen, and we will NEVER quit on becoming the greatest Minecraft server ever. Because of this, we can't take any risks, and we need to make our work perfect right away. This idea is a gamebreaker, if our idea falls in the hand of people with more builders, more developers and someone with more funding, our idea would be stolen and we would be left with a server that someone else has already built. We simply cannot afford this, and we hope you understand this. When the time is right, we will announce our idea's and a public beta test. Don't worry though, we're making progress! We got a great builder, and he's helping us out big time! Things are starting to rise up from the ground, and I've started to develop plugins as well, mainly the core plugin. I've set up a private Git server (something which software developers use) to help me, and future developers out.

I'm keeping this one short, since there's not much else to tell. We miss everybody, every single person of our small, but great community we set up. That's pretty much the only thing I was able to do back in the old days, and I'm glad I made the community the way it is. I hope a part of this community will play with us again, especially donators, since they don't have to donate again. As for a release date, still to be announced.



BoemUrDead LEGEND Why is it 1.9? 1.8 is way better
Undeadpool25 Can't wait for the beta hope I get a new computer by then so I can try it. P.S. thanks for making this server dienn...
CaptainAlexei HELPER Weeee


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MrDienns @ Towny
posted May 19, 16


It's been a while since I did some official news again, and there's some more things to be said this time. Ofcourse, we're making progress. And no, we can still not tell you what we're doing. Good news is that we are making progress, even though it may look like (and it may be from time to time) look like we're not doing alot, we still really make stuff and we still have the opinion that our idea is going to be a big hitter. I still get some messages from time to time from people asking when our server is open, and if we're already close to done. No. We're not. And we won't be soon. This'll be the last time I'm telling people, if they keep asking me without checking the website even once, you're deleted from my contact list and won't be added without any good reason. There is, however, a slight change in the release date.


I stated a few times before that we'll hopefully be open again in Fall 2016, which is in about 4 - 7 months if I recall correctly. Sadly, we will probably not be able to do a full release by then. I'm pretty confident of having a public beta by then, to allow testers to play on our server and do all the testing for us. More information about this will be given when the time is right. If you want to know what I'm doing all day long, add me as a friend on Enjin (our website) and you can see almost daily updates about me building something for example.

I'll be happy to answer any questions which are not answered on the website.

Best regards,


droei HELPER jeej lets have fun together again when we are done <3
BoemUrDead LEGEND I will be waiting <3
Undeadpool25 I know I'll be waiting.


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MrDienns @ Towny
posted Apr 15, 16


Hello people, this is a new message which is going to provide some information about our development and how things are going in general. First thing's first; I still get quite some messages from people asking why they cannot join our server. Seems pretty obvious to me, and if you still are unaware; we are going under heavy development and we're making something very unique of Dyescape. Instead of these boring old, overused gamemodes, we're doing something no one has done before. This takes a long time, and we expect our server to be open, or at least open-beta, in Fall 2016. There's still lots of people asking us reguarly what exactly we are doing, and again, I'm sorry to tell you that we still cannot share any information about this yet. This is because the idea we are having is pretty much not done by anyone before. Throwing this idea into the wild public could ruin our plans completely and we'd be left with multiple servers going for the exact same goal as ours. We don't want that. We're taking no risks at all, we'd love to announce it right now, but we simply can't, so please have patiënce and play on another server in the meantime.


If you are unfamiliar with organising massive projects (which is pretty likely) then you probably won't be too happy with our progress so far. Most people would just simply go behind their computer and start developing something right off the bat, but that's all wrong. One does not simply start a massive project without project-planning. That's mainly what we've been doing the past month, we did alot of brainstorming, wrote some documents about what we're going to do, and as a result we now know exactly what we're going to do. That may sound a little weird at first, but its a must to write down all your ideas and plans on some paper to get a good hold of your project. It's a confirmed fact that 70% of IT projects fail duo the lack of communication, documentation or lack of skill, we don't plan to be part of that 70% again.


Like we said at the beginning, none of liked the idea of throwing all of our hard work down the toilet, but we're all reliefed by it, aspecially me. Dyescape was a real, well, pain in the ass. It was stressfull work, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. We had enough players to make it playable, we it was too few to call it a stable playercount. That was the stressfull part about Dyescape, which we are taking care of with this new project.

We'll be doing these update announcements from time to time to keep our diehard players updated to what's going on. If you want to get in contact easier or more reguarly, please follow us on Twitter @DyescapeMC and on Facebook.

Best regards,


MrReakks CO OWNER Dienns, i thing we can say about this project is. It will be amazing for all of you.
GrammMe LEGEND Glad to hear we have a season to look forward to. I've tried playing other servers (mostly games servers) but they ...
droei HELPER Haha and droei is still in with a lot of entertainment to destress and stress Dienns. I hope to see all my friends of dy...
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