Treasure Chest Mechanics - Historical

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Treasure Chest Mechanics

Dyescape Gameplay

Treasure Chest Mechanics

When running around the worlds on Dyescape, you may encounter special treasure chests. These chests contain special loot, which you as a player will be able to obtain. This page will give you insight into how the mechanics of this feature work, and how the state of your character can potentially change the loot.

Treasure Chest
A treasure chest is a special, randomized loot oriented chest that will spawn randomly in the world. These chests, however, work differently than normal chests in Minecraft. When a player interacts (right-click) with a treasure chest, no chest menu appears. Instead, the chest block opens and it will hand out randomized loot. This loot may change depending on the state of your character, see 'Affecting the Rewards'. The Items that are looted from the treasure chest are bound to you, and thus the Items can only be picked up by you. This means that you do not have to worry about people stealing the treasure Items you just got. Furthermore, this also means that only one player can loot a specific treasure chest. After all, loot has been granted from the chest, the chest closes and disappears.

Treasure Regions
Treasure chests do not spawn completely random but on pre-configured locations. This is done to prevent treasure chests from spawning in the weirdest locations, where they will be difficult or impossible to loot. Every treasure chest is linked up to a specific treasure region. Every treasure region contains a list of spawn locations for a treasure chest. These regions may be small or large, and they may contain few or many spawn locations. Every time a new treasure chest is about to spawn, only one of these locations is chosen and a treasure chest will spawn on it. After that chest has been looted, it will respawn again and the cycle resets.

Affecting the rewards
Considering treasure chests can only be opened by one specific player at a time, it is possible for the chests to change loot depending on the state of the character. For example, if the character has a high level of luck skill, chances are increased that you will receive more and better Items. If you want to try your luck on these treasure chests and want to ensure that you get the best possible Items, then upgrading your luck skill can help you achieve this. Moreover, an Active Effect which boosts your luck will also be taken into account. Meaning that if you wear Jewelry that boosts your luck, your chances of receiving better Items are increased.
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