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Discussion in 'Suggestions and feedback' started by Aetheism, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Aetheism


    From what I've seen in the discord, the current plans for XP sharing are pretty straightforward:

    Divide the normally gained XP of a mob by the amount of damage dealt by a single player.

    While this is 'fair', it makes larger scale team play not viable for leveling up, pushing people to play solo, or at least in smaller groups.

    I propose a system that follows the exact same logic as the first but increases the total XP pool of the mob based on the number of players that have dealt damage to it.

    A mob's XP pool would increase by a ratio of 1/(x), with x being players.

    This would mean that with two players fighting the mob, it would give 150 XP. Each individual player, regardless of % of damage dealt, wouldn't be able to gain over 100 XP to prevent abuse.

    This list shows the increase of XP given in relation to the number of players attacking the individual mob.

    This system would be less harsh on larger team play, allowing for more challenging activities that rely on large scale coordination between teams of players.
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  2. MrDienns

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    Hmm, that's quite interesting actually. Just a question; I assume there will be some kind of max to how far the EXP would scale up? Say, 10 players max or so, after that the "pool" has reached its max scalability.

    Overall sounds like a pretty fine suggestion to me, let's see what the others say.
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  3. Aetheism


    At 20 players it would only reach 360. After 5 the XP gains really are negligible. A system with the base being 2/x instead of 1/x would be less punishing on groups, and I feel like it would be a better middle ground between everyone getting 100 XP and everyone sharing that 100 XP.

    2/x table goes as follows
    2= 200
    4=317 (each player getting about %75 of the solo kill reward)
    10=486 (about half of soloing the mob)
    You worry about scaling, but at 20 players the total XP pool would only be 620, as the XP increase goes down significantly with each added player.
    Going by the example you used in discord, 100 people ganking a mob. That 100th player would take an equal portion, but only add 2 XP to the entire pool.
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