The Dyescape Speedsters

Here in the Dyescape speedsters, we’re a community that focuses on speed-running the game, there is one (only one) requirement to join.
Provided that you plan on being an active part of the Dyescape Speedsters, the requirement is that you have already made a run of the game in some genre/category.
A few suggested ones would be:


And a few specifics within those would be things like your classes:
Kni (stands for knight)
War (warrior)
Cler (cleric)

So, let’s say I want to join the Speedsters, what do I do? Well, first you put your % your class, and any other relevant info, such as the time and version of Dyescape. Then you have to provide a link to a video (that is watchable) and fits the previous requirements. Then DM Just A Mom on discord saying something akin to “hello there! I’ve submitted a request to join the Dyescape speedsters” and provide a link to the page you submitted it in, or within the Dyescape Speedsters Thread in discord, and I’ll get a chance to view it as soon as I can.
Another new addition (interesting challenge)
Nuzlock X% (X being another category)

the rules of a Dyescape nuzlock:
If you die with a skill in your hotbar that skill is no longer usable.
You can only have 1 skill in your hotbar at a time.
If you have no usable skills left your run is Null, meaning it’s over and doesn’t count towards anything.