Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!


Aeternum Plummets into the dark chasm, grasping towards the light as it falls out of sight. Down he falls. The damp air choking his screams. Down he goes. He flips over, trying to grab something, anything, to anchor him to the wall. He struggles to find a surface, the pit seems never ending. An endless chasm he knows he has fallen into. He stops screaming. Briefly feeling remorse for the farmer that his attacker mentioned. More important issues were at hand. Gasping for breath as the air heats up. Falling. He glances down, terrified, he sees light. It rushes towards him at record speeds. His body disintegrates on impact with the force of the fall and the heat of the lava he fell into. His charm floats on the surface of the lava. Seemingly unaffected.
Suddenly, The lava starts to drip up, towards the entrance of the hole. The chain flies straight up, the friction of the lava holding the rest of the charm in place as it sinks into the lava slowly.

A small child sits at the edge of a seemingly endless chasm. He spots a light in the hole before him. He peers over the edge. The childs eyebrow is burned off as a drop of lava speeds past his face. He jumps in horror with the sudden realization that he is upside down. The lava oozing its way down the entrance of the chasm. And into the sky below. The child stand up. He Jumps. He falls into the sky. Never to be heard from again.

An astronaut sits at the deck of the ISS. He is throwing blobs of orange juice at his co-worker. She giggles, drinking the juice out of the air. Her eyes fill with light, he turns. A huge bubble of lava floats by the station. The skeleton of a child hits the windshield. He shivers in fear. An alarm begins to scream in pain. Red fills their vision. Air pressure is dropping. They jump into suits, Terrified. The computer shows pressure loss in the greenhouse and preservation airlock. He pops out of the station from above. Kneeling down at a small port, a necklace or charm is embedded in the reinforced glass. He yanks on it. The station the station crumbles up on its self. The astronaut sees his coworker's body incinerate in the heat of the explosion. Right before he does the same thing.

A mother sits at a table, mouth open, eyes shining in disbelief. Her computer shows static before her. She was video chatting with her son. He was an astronaut. She saw an explosion behind him, then the chat disconnected. She realised he was dead. She could feel it in her bones. In her soul.

An engineer bolts upright. awaken by a small beeping noise. He glances over at the control panel. The signal was lost to the station. He comms into command, informing them that all information transfer is temporarily on hold. He logs into his system. attempting to ping the onboard server in the space station, it returns null. He checks the cameras. They all show nothing. He rewinds. His face contorts in horror as he sees the explosion. Then static. He comms command. Someone needs to inform the president.

A Detective walks into the living room. The woman was in her 60's. She died sitting at her computer in the kitchen. Preop says it was a heart attack. A disconnected video call was open on her screen. Shame. She was beautiful. The Neighbors said she had a son who works for the government. Nasa or NSA they think. The detective wishes people could get their facts straight. Oh well, he thinks to himself. He radios his partner, someone needs to call internal and get all the information they could on the victim and her son.

A farmer sits on his rocking chair. A cool glass of whiskey in his hand. He is enjoying the sunset. A horse neighs from the side yard. He glances over. A huge chunk of metal smashes into the horse. The shock wave collapses the house. A Beam forces its way through his chest. The whiskey falls to the ground.

A secret organization meets in an old church. One brings news of its youngest member. A mere child. Is missing. He was last known to be at the endless chasm. Scaring Aeternum into paying them the money he owed them. Reports show aeternum is nowhere to be found. They wait for their leader to show up. They must make a decision. If the secrets held by their members came into the wrong hands. All would be lost. The child must be found. They sit in a circle. Waiting. A member rushes in. The leader is dead. Where his house stood now lies a crater. A young woman weeps in the corner. Softly, unnoticed by the rest. She knew it was the result of a missile. She grabs the book of spells, resting on the altar. She fights down raw anger.

The detective sees a woman rush by, clad in black robes. He shouts. She runs faster. The other officers at the crime scene glance over. He gestures to follow. Two cops peel away from the house and chase the women. The officer takes out his gun, shouting for the woman to stop. She turns around. Eyes glowing red. He sees rage. His gun falls to the ground. She waves her wand, the three officers disintegrate into dust and ash. Three shields fall to the ground. Their badges.

The engineer answers his phone. His face turns sullen. He thanks the officer and hangs up. Tears well in his eyes. His brother was killed during an investigation. He can't believe it. He takes the rest of the day off. Slowly walking out the door of the facility. His boss chases him. They need him in a time like this. The station must be found. The engineer is deaf to the world. Tears pour down his cheek. He remembers the last thing he told his brother before he stormed out this morning. The hate he put into his statement. He pulls out a pistol. The Chief Engineers eyes widen at the sight of the gun. He falls to his knees over the crumpled body of the dead engineer. How could someone do that to themselves.
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