Deo Pro Victoria!

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Deo Pro Victoria - For God's Victory

The self-proclaimed true holy church of Phala.

We worship our lord and savior Imutep, the God of Garlic Bread.

Our current goal: Spread to word and grace of Imutep to the people of Phala. To do this, we must become stronger as a church, and as a community. His teachings must be spread far and wide to all corners of the world, and for that we need capable followers to become priests and acolytes of Imutep (Priest class is not required but is always welcome).

A portrait of our lord and savior, Imutep.

All who wish to follow in the footsteps of His Garlicky Greatness are welcome to join as they wish, however for a higher position, one must complete the contract provided below, and be placed under observation by the circle. We are the church, we are the truth, we are the followers of Imutep

For any further questions, please DM our Pope on Discord @: Vanilix#1505

That is all.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Deo Pro Victoria! Laude Imutep!

Current members: Me, That Guy, and that one homeless guy in the village.

Discord Name:
How did you learn of the church?:
What are your goals with a higher position in the church?:
What are your active adventuring hours?:
Do you like garlic bread?:
Are you willing to share the word of Imutep, even if it means to be oppressed?:

If faced with a heretic, what would be your first response?:

Please sign your name here:

Then submit this contract to the Pope's DMs on discord.

By reading this far you are obligated to join the church.
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Hi ...

Before we join ... May I know the Butter used for the bread
Hi ...

Before we join ... May I know the Butter used for the bread

In the church, we only use the highest of quality butter for our worship and offerings towards our lord and savior Imutep. Anything less is considered heresy. The use of margarine is considered a sin, and thus you will be hunted down to either repent for your actions, or to become a sacrifice to our lord and saviour Imutep. Thank you for your consideration.

Deo Pro Victoria! Laude Imutep!

p.s. if you must specifically know, it is garlic butter. There is no other option.
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