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  1. longbow122

    Plz halp how to play Diescape?!

    What why?!?!?! I was just about to order the box... The 24-inch edition too :(
  2. longbow122

    Quest quest idea

    That would rely on Dyescape having a castle in the first place. I'm not too sure there are many places that actually "fit the bill" in terms of what a side-quest of this type would require
  3. longbow122

    Quest Catfight

    I'm sorry, but this needed to be mentioned I saw this quest play out in my head, and I really want to give Player the option to just, boot the cat into the stratosphere. But now this, this is content.
  4. longbow122

    Accepted Respawn Suggestion

    Maybe we could make it so that every town which has a "medical centre" could be eligible to be a respawn point? That would make more sense to me, as a person living nearby could bring them there to be revived, and, we could have said person either forget to bring Player's stuff with them, or...
  5. longbow122

    Quest quest idea

    Definitely, a killer idea, although in my opinion, it sounds far too short to be a side quest. Could also be very easy for players. This sounds like something that could fit into contracts. What do you think?
  6. longbow122

    Quest Bringing the fight to us

    Definitely a brilliant idea for a side quest! Would you mind giving me some more input as to how you feel this quest would play out? I plan on working on this quest idea a little more
  7. longbow122

    Quest Side quests suggestions

    This one feels very arena-like to me, I'm not sure how well it could fit as a side quest, but this definitely has the potential to be something for Dyescape. Maybe if the idea was a little more expanded, you could make a separate suggestion about this?
  8. longbow122

    Quest Side quests suggestions

    I really like suggestions 1 and 3! I also really like these ones, these are all killer ideas for side quests! I hope you don't mind, but could I steal these? I think I could work on something with these! I could also use some more input on kobolds, I've worked with them before, but as far as I...
  9. longbow122

    Plz halp how to play Diescape?!

    Hello, sorry for the late reply, but what are the specs of that box? Also, does the additional integrated sauce holder inside the box improve performance? Same question for the grease patches. If so, I'll be sure to boil my pizza!
  10. longbow122

    Hi, I was wondering if you can add cupboard support for diescape? I'm trying to log in using my...

    Hi, I was wondering if you can add cupboard support for diescape? I'm trying to log in using my Shoaf 2 door wardrobe by Zipcode design and it seems that it's unsupported...
  11. longbow122

    And Remember, MinusJohns

    Well at least you're not on the side of the normal pizza weirdos, I'll accept it
  12. longbow122

    *50 dragons appear right behind you!*

    *50 dragons appear right behind you!*
  13. longbow122

    Can't believe Escad told me what a con tent really was :'( I can't believe things like these...

    Can't believe Escad told me what a con tent really was :'( I can't believe things like these really exist
  14. longbow122

    Rejected Curses or Hexes

    I'd say make it a donor perk, and I'm certain a toggle sort of system would be implementable. But I can also see how this may affect gameplay negatively, and if it doesn't, people will find a way to say it does and complain. It's a good suggestion, it's just bound to get lots of fire/hate from...
  15. longbow122

    And Remember, MinusJohns

    Welcome! Take a gander at our discord if you'd like to interact more with the community, but I've only got one question for you, boiled pizza, or disgusting raw pizza?
  16. longbow122

    Accepted Contracts

    Yeah, I think that would be good. The more contracts you do, the higher up the "tier ladder" you'd go. The higher up the ladder you go, the better the prizes get. I feel that could do really well. Would go better if you were also taken down a tier if you end up "missing" a contract. (Missing as...
  17. longbow122

    Accepted Contracts

    Well yeah we could, but (correct me if I'm wrong) we can only write so much. Obviously, we can keep on writing quests etc etc but at one point there won't be enough physical space for more. That's where these daily, mini, quests could come in, and in reply to Kabby's first comment, it doesn't...
  18. longbow122

    ahh okay, well at least it's all been cleared up for me

    ahh okay, well at least it's all been cleared up for me
  19. longbow122

    Accepted Contracts

    Well, in a nutshell, I guess you could say it's a daily quest giver etc. But these quests would be fairly morally questionable which are in heavy contrast to some of the quests the player would tend to go through. And, yeah, it would be "quests with extra steps". But I feel it adds a pretty good...
  20. longbow122

    Accepted Contracts

    My first suggestion! :o So if any of your are as big of a fan of Star Wars and it's franchise as I am, you've probably played a few Star Wars games. I'm talking about Star Wars Battlefront (2015) here. If you have played this, you've probably come across Jabba The Hutt's bounty missions. And...