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    Dennis, it's me, verifying my account was indeed disabled

    Dennis, it's me, verifying my account was indeed disabled
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    Map Mod Ideas?

    Xaero's map mod, as talked about here!
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    Suggestion Quest list?

    First, I want to say I'm glad to see you guys passionate about this. It really warms my heart to see you guys break down and analyze and interact with the content like this - so thank you. Second, this is beginning to get off-topic, so I will provide my point-of-view and then we can discuss on...
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    Feedback A letter to my future self

    I really like this write up, @M1nty, thank you. Information like this is really useful for us and it's nice to see players analyzing the game like this. I hope to see more writeups like this.
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    Suggestion Quest list?

    In the future, we may add markers above SOME NPCs that offer sidequests; however, I don't think it would be many or most NPCs that have that. Part of the sidequests is interacting with the NPCs to get them or triggering secret events. Having a list of uncompleted quests isn't really possible...
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    Rejected Mage Item with Woodworker

    Yeah, I'll see what can be done for the next patch.
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    Rejected Mage Item with Woodworker

    I think we did this specifically since birch is a type of wood, but we may change that to be a bit more intuitive.
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    Fixed Mai isn't spawning for me - Passenger Hunt quest

    Try creating a new character. This may be caused by the rollback issue.
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    Fixed Player's NPC at Leila's Fish Store

    That is incredibly odd. That cutscene was tested multiple times with no issues, so this must be something else - but either way we'll look into it. Thanks for reporting.
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    Suggestion Pre-Made Houses(With Criminal System)

    It's already our intent to have a housing system - probably in Beta but maybe later. Unfortunately, there's not a great way I can think of to integrate the robbery system smoothly into housing without it seeming unfair. It's still an interesting idea though - thank you for your contribution!
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    Suggestion Criminal System/Player Bounty System

    This is an interesting idea. We already intend to make your actions have consequences (more so in the beta rather than the alpha), and that would include doing "negative" actions. A good portion of what you said would unfortunately not be feasible for us given some of our limitations, but I...
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    Is alpha still opened?

    Hello there Medoo, You probably received a reply on your sign-up thread, but yes you have been accepted. You will be able to join us in the alpha! Thank you for your interest!
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    I bought an e-reader.

    Agreed for a second time. A physical book draws me in and makes me pay attention so much more than an e-reader, though I appreciate people reading at all these days.
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    Phala - Origins and More

    Origins Phala began as a colony of the Ikaron Kingdom. Founded in 239 PCC (Post-Continental Conquest), Phala quickly became an important trading center, as it gave merchant ships a perfect place to resupply before continuing across the ocean. 10 years later, the citizens forced the creation of...
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    Creators Guild

    To write those mechanics I have to know them as well, brainlet.
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    Creators Guild

    Says the guy who writes formulas :D
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    Welcome, Dsa!
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    Creators Guild

    We are the Creators Content Team members only Coming soon... just like something else... Current members: HittmanA - Leader Extensy - Co-Leader --- We are a Recognized Member of the Congress of Guilds!
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    Petition to Ban Coub (and/or other gifs with sound

    I support this cause.