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  1. Droei

    realiblinky’s introduction

    welcome aaron
  2. Droei

    Instagram Giveaway!

  3. Droei

    hi im phil

    Hi phil
  4. Droei

    honestly you have a cool name :O

    honestly you have a cool name :O
  5. Droei

    Must be love. Marriage plugin.

    Well i’m in, dyescape needs some love inside otherwise these Guys stay lonely forever with their handsome faces
  6. Droei

    Delay... announcement? [GIVEAWAY]

    last but definitly not least
  7. Droei

    Delay... announcement? [GIVEAWAY]
  8. Droei

    Delay... announcement? [GIVEAWAY]

    well its time to show a bit of my power
  9. Droei

    Boss mechanics

    that panda of you kept me of work for 30 min xD
  10. Droei

    Boss mechanics

    I woul love bosses to be very strong I want challenge ooh... I'll be making the bosses I think :eek:
  11. Droei

    Sea Acre Farms

    this is nothing compared with what you will see when dyescape opens!
  12. Droei


    looks awesome!
  13. Droei

    Good Day Sir/Madam

    welcome Nicolas
  14. Droei

    Good day to you all

    welcome rover
  15. Droei


    welcome lewis
  16. Droei

    Hi, I'm Worlfy

    welcome wolfry your art is awesome!