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    Fixed Lumberjack not accepting food

    In-game name: Bananababoo Short description: When giving Jacques cooked cod he won't accept it. Long description: In the Hungry Jacks quest, when Jacques asks you to get him cooked cod, buying cooked cod from the fish shop and attempting to give it to him results in the message "you do not...
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    More minor things

    1. Music I have a pretty low-end pc, and whenever the game lags the music stutters slightly and sometimes just stops for a few seconds before continuing, That could totally be just my pc. A solution to this in the future is to have a separate resource pack that contains the music in it...
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    Suggestion Reset Quest

    what you could do is keep track of what items and things a player has gotten and done and simply make them do over the quest and not receive the items they got and in the case of differing dialogue options just make it so it keeps whatever the player choose the first time, and when the player...
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    Fixed fredric bug

    In-game name: _Girlfriend__ Short description: Servering emergency quest Fredric is borked cinimatic isn't playing Long description: Servering emergency quest Fredric is borked cinimatic isn't playing ask aeky he knows whats up Date and time: right after patch 0.1.3 Screenshots or videos (if...
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    v0.1.0 - Initial alpha release

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    Suggestion Item Bounty's

    ok i get that, the idea was more of just a, "hey that would be neat" and not much else, thanks for the input!
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    Suggestion Item Bounty's

    First of all, this is an idea for later on and maybe not alpha. Potentially a quest or some other means lets you have access to create an Item Bounty potentially around the same time you get access to the auction house. An Item Bounty would work as follows: Player A puts what item they want...
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    Accepted Triggered Events

    Say your walking around a cliffside and some zombies or mobs are following you. You could just fight them off or, in specific places, there could be a Triggered Event. This could be triggered by hitting something with your sword casting a spell or ability next to it and making something in the...
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    Quest A Bunch O' Sidequests

    I like the idea a lot altho I think you shouldn't limit a shop to people who only choose one option in a side-quest. I assume that you want there to be different options so maybe instead you get different items/money for each option you choose and maybe even a cosmetic tag/metal or something I...
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    Rejected Movement options

    Yea I get that they won't work as well as I thought thx for the feedback!
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    Rejected Movement options

    let me preface this by saying there might already be some great systems already in place surrounding movement that I don't know about I think it would be nice to have some way to move around a lot quicker so maybe something like a double jump ability you unlock or some spell that launches you...
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    Hello I m BayKanser

    Hi! You can sign up for the alpha here: The server is not released yet.
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    Quest quest idea

    Well it could go into contracts, I another idea I had is for it to be combined with like parkour and mazes and other stuff. Say there's a quest to try to get into a castle without anyone spotting you. You would need to maybe sneak around to the back then climb a wall and do parkour to get to a...
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    Quest quest idea

    You were hired by a man who had his things stolen and you have to go into the criminals house and steal it back. There could be a system of the criminal is walking around at his house and if he spots you you have to restart. Also the house would have to be fairly big so maybe 2-3 stories. You...
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    Let me hear it!! anything from here