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  1. Worlfy

    Christmas time

    Happy whatever
  2. Worlfy

    Introduction of ME

    Welcome ^^
  3. Worlfy


    Hey, I'd like to be able to customize my hotbar regarding the usage of abilities ;w;
  4. Worlfy

    Introducing... Me?

    Welcome to Dyescape ^^ Spigot's forums got me here as well ;P Nice to meet you though, I hope I'll see you around :3
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    Kind of him. Keep up the good work!
  6. Worlfy

    Worlfy's Music

    Well Regarding metal, try to listen to this:
  7. Worlfy

    Worlfy's Music

    Hey there, So regarding my music, I mainly listen to NF, Nightcore, Trap, anything that comes close to good music basically, heuheu I've really been enjoying Intro III from NF For Nightcore, it must be anything that has Switching Vocals, especially Dusk Till Dawn; About it, I'll see what...
  8. Worlfy


    I had a small Chinese dog as well for a few months Something like that, just more hairy and more cute ;3
  9. Worlfy


    Hey, So I got a kitten after 4 years, finally ugh And I'm so happy! I decided to name him Yuuki cx I love him help
  10. Worlfy

    Hi, I'm Worlfy

    Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to get to know you better Sora-sama :3
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    Lewis?... The Lewis I know?
  12. Worlfy

    Worlfy's Artwork

    Thanks a lot! Kind comments like yours always keep me motivated ♡ Glad to see we got a fellow weeb in here.
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    Hi, I'm Worlfy

    Name: Worlfy Age: 17 (03/11/2000) Gender: Male Height: 6'3 Languages: English, Arabic (Egypt), Japanese Hobbies: Gaming (Dying Light, Minecraft, Warframe, Overwatch, Black Desert Online, osu!, League of Legends), programming (Java, C#) and designing (Mostly GFX or 2D; Banners, Wallpapers //...
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    Worlfy's Artwork

    Hey, I'll be posting my artwork here, I hope you don't mind x3 They're sorted on time, oldest to newest. The pictures describe my mood at the time.