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  1. Escad_

    Suggestion Reset Quest

    The issue here is that quests are quite loosely coupled with the actual events and actions that occur within the quest itself. The content server does have a command to reset your questlog, but it doesn't account for several things: NPCs that were spawned for the quest, hidden persistent data...
  2. Escad_

    Fixed fredric bug

    Just made a fix for this on the content server. It should be in the next patch at the latest.
  3. Escad_

    Fixed NPCs can spawn as baby zombies server-side

    Since NPCs are zombies on the server and only sent as players to the client, lumberjack NPCs at the lumber mill are able to spawn as baby zombies. This does not affect them cosmeticallybut there's a couple functional issues that go hand-in-hand with it. Affected lumberjacks run at the speed of...
  4. Escad_

    Duplicate No class selection

    This is a duplicate of these reports. Please use the forums search feature to determine if a bug has already been reported. Relevant keywords (i.e.: characters, class, npc) should usually tell you if there's an existing bug report.
  5. Escad_

    Confirmed Invisible chests

    This is a known issue, but thank you for the report nonetheless.
  6. Escad_

    To All Staff/Content Creators/ Aeky and MR. Dienn

    You underestimate how much we currently have on our plate. There are more pressing issues than an attribute reset function. It's simply not possible to juggle all these issues and have them resolved to satisfaction all in a timely manner. We're in no rush to get this sort of in-depth testing...
  7. Escad_

    To All Staff/Content Creators/ Aeky and MR. Dienn

    We already intend to eventually add a way for players to reset their character's attributes, but there will be a cost of some sort.
  8. Escad_

    Duplicate Quest bug (getting stuck)

    Duplicate of
  9. Escad_

    Fixed Cannot finish quest Where Adventures Begin IV

    This is a known issue that is actively being worked on.
  10. Escad_

    Duplicate Moving Items Between Characters

    Closing as a duplicate of multiple other reports tied to an overlying bug that allows unintended interaction with most, if not all, tile entities and containers.
  11. Escad_

    Duplicate your weapon drops to the ground when you click on an item frame, and can't be picked up afterwards

    This is a duplicate of this bug report. Next time, please use the forums search function to check if a bug has already been reported.
  12. Escad_

    Fixed Interaction with doors casts the mage attack

    Can confirm that this also occurs for priest and knight, meaning it very likely applies to all classes.
  13. Escad_

    Rejected Mage Item with Woodworker

    Rejecting and locking, as this is not a bug. This is also fine, as all weapons sold by the woodworker are wooden.
  14. Escad_

    Cannot reproduce Disturbed Serving - Taverngoers not doing anything

    Unless it can be confirmed that at least one NPC does not spawn upon accepting the quest, I have doubts that this occurs exactly as suggested. The NPCs are only spawned once you accept the quest and at no other point, so I don't see why it would decide to show up only after some time...
  15. Escad_

    Duplicate Invalid item (Mushrooms)

    This one was first :kappa: but progress will be tracked on the linked thread @Relentless_playz
  16. Escad_

    Suggestion Replay player chat messages in addition to other messages after dialogue

    This is a bug that has already been reported and taken note of ^^
  17. Escad_

    Duplicate Fence Gate Machinegun

    Duplicated by Interaction with doors casts the mage attack. The fix is a current WIP.
  18. Escad_

    Rejected Equipment stats placeholders

    Please give future bug report threads a more descriptive name than "Bug report".
  19. Escad_

    Duplicate Invalid item (Mushrooms)

    This fixes itself by logging out of your character and rejoining with the same character.
  20. Escad_

    Duplicate Duplicate player NPC in Leila's fish store

    Locking as a duplicate bug report.