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  1. MiNamaJif

    Server Poll

    Instead of enabling pvp through the whole server, why not create an arena where players who are interested in pvping can just hop in and pvp. Or implement a duel system where players can duel each other. But honeslty, I prefer a pvp enabled server because there is only so much you can do on a...
  2. MiNamaJif

    End Game Activities #1

    That's a neat idea, maybe the PvP event should be hosted once a week or once a month and whoever wins this event gets a price. From reading this, you basically want an automated koth (king of the hill) similar to those on hcf (hard-core factions) servers. For those who want a visual...
  3. MiNamaJif

    The Legacy | Guild Recruitment

  4. MiNamaJif

    Mob Suggestions!

    According to the book, Gollum was a Stoor Hobbit of the River-folk but if you actually look at Gollum he border-line looks like a goblin, the only difference is that Gollum isn't green.
  5. MiNamaJif

    Don't jump, life is too precious

    Don't jump, life is too precious
  6. MiNamaJif


    I saw a thread on mc-market about this server and honestly can't wait for the server launch.