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  1. Trook

    probably making content?

    probably making content?
  2. Trook

    Suggestion Reset Quest

    I realized the hole in my suggestion weeks ago. I realized this feature is more useful for debugging rather than being in a live environment.
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    Accepted Minor Issues

    1) I think it's time to get rid of this. It can cause confusion to new people looking to join the alpha, only to realize they can't anymore. 2) A tad bit outdated 3) Welcome MOTD outdated and misinformed. We're currently in version 0.1.3 and there are no "alpha guidelines" readily available...
  4. Trook

    Is celebration in order yet?

    Is celebration in order yet?
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    To All Staff/Content Creators/ Aeky and MR. Dienn

    So you want to be able to jump from level 0 to 60 with a click of a button? Completely disregarding the whole point of Dyescape… Adding some of these things would turn Dyescape into a sandbox-esk game where you can play around with your character and make who you want. Also, just do /logout...
  6. Trook

    Suggestion Reset Quest

    We've all been there, you run into a faulty objective after 5 hours of playing and now you have to reset your character. I'm suggesting a system that allows you to reset individual quests. For instance, if one of my ore golems doesn't spawn in WAB4 I can go into my quest log and reset WAB4 and...
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    Fixed Typo in Warrior's Skills

    In-game name: Trook Short description: Typo in warrior's skills Long description: There's an incomplete sentence it appears in one Warrior Skill, "Bull's Rush". If following the previous description of the Skill it should be "Charging you forward catching the first entity across the line and...
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    Enjoying the Alpha

    Enjoying the Alpha
  9. Trook

    Suggestion Quest list?

    I'm not discouraging nor am I cowering away from it, I have no problem with doing so. My first draft of the wiki quest had details for each objective and I showed it to a wiki team member and they said it's best if I stay concise and not make it too detailed, so I listened.
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    Suggestion Quest list?

    After I finish documenting all the quests on the wiki the first time around (should be done today) I'll go back and add more information. Keep in mind the wiki isn't a game guide, the point of the wiki is to find information not to find a detailed guide of getting through quests. If you want...
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    Suggestion Quest list?

    I opted out of putting coordinates into the quest wiki because, well, everything is marked for you in-game most of the time. It's also not a cheat sheet, but a comprehensible area for quick information about the quest you are working on. An early draft of a quest on the wiki had detailed...
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    v0.1.0 - Initial alpha release

    they'll teach this in history class decades later
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    Yes, make an application... you have 3 more days until alpha applications are closed.
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    Accepted Weather Seasons

    I feel like adding seasons in is a great way of creating refreshing new content that links the player's in-game experience to the person's own real-life experience. But an issue - if someone lives in a part of the world where they're currently in summer but the game is featuring winter how does...
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    Quest Stolen Goods

    Name: Stolen Goods Idea: So, you owe a favor to a civilian. Not a very interesting person but he helped you before so you must do one in return. He calls upon you to go check on his ship. A ship that has been dormant for many years. Obviously, you agree to go do it because you owe a favor to...
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    hello i don't know how to use this

    Hello! It's pretty self-explanatory, this is a forum to share thoughts / discuss with other Dyescape players You should join the discord though for easy updates and communication:
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    Quest Bringing the fight to us

    Sure! The player is nearing the end of a quest when he talks/runs into this person who is “smart” This person briefly goes over the idea of creating a creature so powerful that when tamed it can conquer all evil. The player will be prompted with responses and will have one to ask about the...
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    Quest Bringing the fight to us

    The Idea: When conversing with someone of a higher intellectual level they briefly make remarks regarding a way to make your enemies your own. Turn the strongest ones of the dark into the protectees of the light. So you inquire about the said practice and he gives you a book, the book that dates...
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